Tektronix VM700A NTSC Video Measurement Test Set

Tektronix VM700A NTSC Video Measurement Test Set
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Many Capabilities In One Instrument
  • Digital waveform monitor
  • Digital vectorscope
  • Picture mode
  • Group delay and frequency response
  • Noise measurement set
  • Automatic measurement set
  • User definable functions
  • Hardcopy via standard RS232 interface


Auto Mode
  • Unattended monitoring of NTSC video signals from studios, STLs, Earth Stations, and transmitters
  • User-specified limits


Measure Mode Provides Graphic Display Of Measurements
  • K factor
  • Differential gain and phase
  • Chrominance to luminance delay
  • Noise spectrum
  • Group delay with (sin x)/x
  • Color bars
  • Chrominance AM/PM noise
  • Relative to reference on most measurements
  • Configurable for all standard test signals
  • Three input channels
  • Channel difference modes
  • Averaging on all measurement modes
  • Picture mode for source ID
  • Hardcopy for analysis and documentation
  • Remote control operation


Characteristics Horizontal Interval Timing Measurements
  • Breezeway Width
  • Color Burst Width
  • Front Porch Duration
  • Horizontal Blanking Width
  • Horizontal Sync Rise Time and Fall Time
  • Horizontal Sync Width
  • SCH Phase
  • Sync to Setup
  • Sync-to-Start-of-Burst
  • Sync-to-End-of-Burst


Vertical Interval Timing
  • Equalizing Pulse Width
  • Serration Width
  • Vertical Blanking Width


Color Bar Measurements
  • Color Bar Amplitude Error
  • Color Bar Phase Error
  • Color Bar Chrominance-Luminance Gain Ratio


Measure Mode
  • Bar Line Time
  • Bounce
  • Burst Frequency (Requires a reference signal.)
  • Chrominance To Luminance Gain And Delay
  • Chrominance Frequency Response
  • Chrominance Noise
  • Chrominance Non-Linearity
  • Color Bar
  • SMPTE Color Bars Nominal Values
  • Differential Gain And Phase
  • Frequency Response And Group Delay
  • Horizontal Blanking
  • Horizontal Timing
  • Incidental Carrier Phase Modulation
  • Jitter
  • K Factor
  • Line Frequency
  • Luminance Non-Linearity
  • Multiburst (Total Harmonic Distortion on packets must be </= 46 dB.)
  • Noise Spectrum
  • SCH Phase
  • Vertical Blanking


Auto Mode
  • RS-170A Horizontal Blanking Interval Timing Measurements
  • RS-170A Vertical Blanking Interval
  • FCC Horizontal Blanking Interval Timing Measurements
  • FCC Vertical Blanking Interval Timing Measurements
  • Amplitude And Phase Measurements
  • Frequency Response Measurements
  • Incidental Carrier Phase Modulation
  • Color Bar Measurements
  • Out-Of-Service Measurements
  • Waveform Distortion Measurements
  • VIRS Measurements
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio Measurements