Tektronix WFM2200A Portable Waveform Monitor

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The Tektronix WFM2200A Portable Waveform Monitor aids broadcast technicians and engineers in both the setup and the troubleshooting of video production systems. This waveform analysis device auto-detects 3G, HD, SD and Dual Link signals at an input level of 800 mVp-p, ±10%. The 3G/HD/SD color bar and pathological signal generator with genlock and moving-picture display render troubleshooting signal paths and equipment simple and efficient. Test signals for the adjustment of picture monitors are available as well. Tektronix WFM2200A models provide comprehensive monitoring of both visual and audio data, featuring up to 16 channels of audio monitoring and an option for HDMI signal monitoring. The interface of the Tektronix WFM2200A is sleek and accessible, a variety of monitoring displays delivering alarms, status reporting and error logging for 10,000 unique events.