Tektronix WFM601M Serial Component Monitor

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Tektronix WFM601M Serial Component Monitor
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Tektronix Test Equipment WFM601M
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Serial Component Waveform & Vector Monitor
Tektronix Test Equipment WFM601M Features
  • Two 270 MB Serial Component Loop-through Inputs
  • Real Time CRT Display Suitable for Live Monitoring
  • Waveform Parade and Overlay Displays
  • Waveform Display in RGB or Y-PB-PR Levels
  • Bright Line Select Display
  • Component Vector Display
  • Tektronix Lightning, Bowtie and Diamond Displays
  • Picture Display of Y Channel
  • Identification of Embedded Audio Channels
  • RGB or Y-PB-PR Analog Picture Monitor Outputs
  • Switched 270 MB Serial Component Picture Monitor Output
  • Waveform Cursors and Markers
  • SMPTE RP-165 Digital Error Detection and Reporting
  • Tektronix Arrowhead Display of NTSC/PAL Gamut Limit
Tektronix Test Equipment WFM601M Specs
Serial Digital Interface
  • Format: 270 Mb/s component.  Complies with SMPTE 259M and CCIR656
  • Input Type: Passive loop-through, 75 ohm compensated


Serial Video Diagnostics
  • Video Error Detection
  • Alarms
  • On-screen Diagnostics

External Reference - Input: Analog composite video or black burst

Waveform Vertical Deflection - Variable Gain Range: +12 dB to -6 dB

Waveform Horizontal Deflection - Sweep Timing Accuracy:

1 line, 5 µS/div, mag 0.2 µS/div
2 line, 10 µS/div, mag 1.0 µS/div
1 field, displays 1 full field
2 field, displays 2 full fields, and data between them

Horizontal Position Range

Any portion of the synchronized sweep may be positioned on screen in all sweep modes.

Calibrator - Waveform Squarewave

Component Vector Mode - Vector Display:

PB displayed on horizontal axis.  PR on vertical axis

Lightning, Diamond and Arrowhead Modes
  • Electronic Graticule Display: Y is displayed vertically
  • Lightning Mode: PB is displayed horizontally on top half of the display.  PR is display horizontally on bottom half of the display
  • Diamond Mode: Green plotted vs. blue on top half of the display.  Green plotted vs. red on bottom half of the display
  • Arrowhead Mode: Luminance displayed vertically, black clamped bottom left.   Equivalent subcarrier amplitude displayed horizontally, zero clamped left.   Graticule displays 75% color bar, transmitter zero carrier and 100% color bar limits.  Adjustable gamut alarm.


Bowtie Mode - Electronic Graticule Display:

Y-PB displayed on the left half of the display.  Y-PR displayed on the right half of the display.

Transcoded Analog Outputs - Signal Formats: GBR or Y/PB/PR