Tektronix WFM90 Handheld Waveform Monitor

Tektronix WFM90 Handheld Waveform Monitor
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Tektronix Test Equipment WFM90
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WFM90 Datasheet Brochure

The Tektronix WFM 90 is a handheld, self-contained, rasterizing television waveform/vector/picture/audio monitor. The instrument has a built-in LCD color display device and is powered by batteries or by an AC adapter producing 12 VDC.

The WFM 90 can be used in traditional in-house applications of television production, post-production, and signal transmission. The portability of this instrument allows it to be used in non-traditional applications such as field production and system maintenance.
Tektronix Test Equipment WFM90 Features
  • Battery or AC Powered
  • Truly Portable
  • Four-inch/102 mm Color LCD Display
  • Picture Monitor
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Line Select Display
  • Audio Monitor
  • Waveform-in-picture Mode
  • Video Output for Routing to External Display
  • NTSC
Tektronix Test Equipment WFM90 Applications
  • Field Production
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Installation