Telecom Analysis Systems TAS 151 Telephone Network Simulator

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TAS 151 Telecom Analysis Systems Telephone Network Simulator
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Telecom Analysis Systems 151
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151 Datasheet

TAS 151 provides the mix of critical features required for thorough evaluation in a compact, easy-to-use package. Designers can dramatically reduce development testing time and costs. Manufacturers can detect and stop defective products before they reach the field. Product evaluators can select between data communications products based on real-life performance, not just the specification sheet.

TAS 100 Series Telephone Network Emulators are designed to work with other TAS products to provide complete solutions for testing modems, fax machines, and a host of other data communications equipment. The TAS 100GT Series Automatic Modem Test Systems provide a comprehensive, automatic solution for testing and evaluating virtually all types of modems, including V.34 and V.34+.
Telecom Analysis Systems 151 Specs
Impairments Generator
Input Level Range +7.0 dBm to -23.0 dBm
Output Level Range 0.0 dBm to -50.0 dBm
  Number of Links 0-3
  Sampling Rate 8.0 kHz
  Sample Coding none, mu-law, or A-law
  Position before or after analog impairments
Robbed Bit Signaling
  Bits Affected least significant bit of every 6th PCM sample
  Pattern alternating 1/0
White Noise  
  Level Calibration Choices C-message, 3.0 kHz flat, psophometric
  Level Range 20.0 dBrn to 90.0 dBrn
Intermodulation Distortion
  2nd Order Range 20 dB to 55 dB below signal
  3rd Order Range 20 dB to 55 dB below signal
  Type expansive or compressive
Frequency Shift
  Offset -19.75 to 19.75 Hz
Phase Jitter
  Level Range 0.0 to 45.0 degrees p-p
  Frequency Range 0.0 to 300.0 Hz
Gain Hits
  Level Range -20.0 to +6.0 dB
  Risetime Range 0.2 to 990 msec.
  Duration Range 1.0 to 20000 msec.
  Interval Range 0.1 to 320.0 sec.
Phase Hits
  Level Range 0.0 to 90.0 degrees
  Risetime Range 0.2 to 990 msec.
  Duration Range 1.0 to 20000 msec.
  Interval Range 0.1 to 320.0 sec.
Impulse Noise
  Type IEEE Standard
  Level Range 0.0 to 55.0 dB below signal
  Interval Range 0.1 to 320.0 sec.
  Calibration C-notched
Amplitude Jitter
  Level Range  0.0 to 98.0%
  Frequency Range  0.0 to 300.0 Hz
Single Frequency Interference
  Frequency Range 0.0 to 3400.0 Hz
  Level Range 0.0 to 50.0 dB below signal output level
General Central Office Emulation
  Operating Modes 2-wire switched (loop start), 2-wire auto-switched, 2-wire private line 4-wire private line, 4-wire private/2-wire switched, site A 2-wire switched (*), site B 2-wire switched (*)