Temptronic ATS-615 Thermostream Low Temperature Mobile Test System, -45 to +225°C

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Rent Temptronic ATS-615 Thermostream Low Temperature Mobile Test System, -45 to +225°C
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Temptronic inTest Thermal ATS-615
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ATS-615 Datasheet
Designed for 60Hz operation only, the inTest ATS-615 is for fast and precise thermal conditioning of components, parts, hybrids, modules, sub-assemblies, and printed circuit boards. Capable of ultra-low temperatures without the use of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2).
Temptronic inTest Thermal ATS-615 Features
  • Dry air purge for tester interface, prevents condensation: 0.5 to 3scfm (0.25 to 1.5 l/s)
  • Heat only mode reduces power when cold temperatures are not used
  • Fully adjustable thermal head
  • Local & remote operations
  • LabView drivers
  • IEEE-488, RS232 ports
  • Customizable and savable test setups
  • Program & datalog storage
  • User defined temperature limits
Temptronic inTest Thermal ATS-615 Applications
  • 5.5 inch ID Glass Thermal Cap to enclose your test subject
  • 20scfm air dryer for drying supply air to <-70°C dewpoint, refer to air dryer data sheet (SL10690) for technical specifications
  • Castered, heavy-duty, steel cart for portability and easy mounting of thermal head and operator control module
  • Conveniently clamps the thermal head to a benchtop or workstation