InTEST ThermoStream ECO-810M Temperature Forcing System

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InTEST ThermoStream ECO-810M Temperature Forcing System
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Temptronic inTest Thermal ThermoStream ECO-810M
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ThermoStream ECO-810M Datasheet
  • No Annual Leak Testing Required 
  • 20 A / 60 Hz Circuit
  • Windows OS
  • Local / Remote Operation
  • Fully Adjustable Thermal Head
  • -55° to 125° C in 10 Seconds
  • 4 to 18 scfm Continuous System Airflow Output
Temptronic inTest Thermal ThermoStream ECO-810M Features
The InTEST ThermoStream ECO-810M is a 20 A / 60 Hz silent forcing system with the ability to transition from -55° to 125° C in a mere 10 seconds. InTEST ThermoStream ECO-810M models require no annual leak testing, their gas charge remaining below the CO2 equivalent limit for greenhouse gas emissions specified by EU 517/2014. They also automatically reduce power usage during idle periods and produce only 56 dBA of sound thanks to WhisperStream technology. Engineers and inspectors rent the InTEST ThermoStream ECO-810M to conduct forcing testing on semiconductors and component technology, determining the device's resistance to extreme heat, cold and humidity. 

Temptronic inTest Thermal ThermoStream ECO-810M Specs
Base Width: 61.0 cm (24 in.), Depth: 72.4 cm (28.5 in.), Height: 108 cm (42.5 in.)
System Weight Not packed: 236 kg (520 lbs.)
Packed: 365 kg (805 lbs.)
Mobility Four static dissipative, swivel caster wheels
Maximum Reach 160.0cm (63 in.)
Maximum Operating Height 130.3 cm (51.2 in.) - extended height option: 188.0 cm (74.0 in.)
Minimum Operating Height 69.1 cm (27.2 in.) - extended height option: 81.3 cm (32.0 in.)
Noise Level < 56 dBA
Service and Safety
Refrigerants HCFC and CFC-free, non-toxic, non-flammable
Serviceability Auto-diagnostics and field replaceable modules
Over Temperature Protection Settable high and low air temperature limits (factory set at +230°C)
Compliance CE, RoHS, EU 517/2014 (<10 tons CO2 eq, no annual leak testing required)
Facility Requirements
Power 200 - 250 VAC, 60Hz, 20 amp, 1phase
Compressed Air Clean Dry Air (CDA) w/ 5 micron particulate contamination.
Oil Content: <0.1 ppm, by weight, öltered to 0.01 micron oil contaminant.
Air Supply Pressure Dewpoint: <10°C @ 6.2 BAR (90PSI)
6.2 to 7.6 BAR (90 to 110 PSIG)
Total Air Flow Rate Required 7.1 to 14.2 l/s (15-30 scfm) 11.8 l/s (25 scfm) nominal
Air Supply Temperature +20 to +25°C; +22°C nominal
Operating Environment +20 to +28°C; +23°C nominal
Humidity 0 to 60%; 45% nominal
Temptronic inTest Thermal ThermoStream ECO-810M Accessories
Thermal Cap / FlexExtender Hose 4.5 or 5.5 inch ID
  • Thermal Cap or Flex Extender Hose allows you to connect to external thermal chambers / enclosures