Temptronic TPO4000A-1B21-2 Thermal Airstream System

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Temptronic TPO4000A-1B21-2 Thermal Airstream System
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Temptronic inTest Thermal TPO4000A-1B21-2
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-70<225C Thermostream Temp Forcing System, High Speed
Temptronic inTest Thermal TPO4000A-1B21-2 Specs
Temperature Range Mechanical Arm:
-70°C to +225°C (cycling)
-65°C to +225°C (steady state)
'CFC free System is available. low temperature in range will degrade +5°C.
Airflow Up to 18 SCFM while temperature transitioning. Microprocessor regulated for optimum system performance. Also user settable upper limit by keypad or remote control.
Typical Transition Rate High Speed Head: + 125°C to .55°C 5 sec Standard Head: + 125°C to -55°C 22 sec
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1.0°C (when calibrated against a transfer standard)
Temperature Set and Display Resolution O.1°C
Non-volatile Memory Battery back-up retention of parameters
Controller Type Microprocessor-based PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
Local Control Keypad entry of parameters and selection of operating mode, setpoint
Remote Interface Ports RS232C Serial (option) Programmer's Keyboard: AT compatible
IEEE-488 Parallel Bus Parallel Printer. IBM or EPSON compatible (option)
EGA Monitor
Handler Interface Start Test End of Test with Stop on First Fail (5-12 VDC Pulse; user-settable polarity)
Remote DUT Sensors Type T thermocouple supplied; Type K thermocouple supplied; 1000 ohm RTD optional
Status Indication On-screen and at-communication I/Os (separate visual indicator)
Overheat Protection 235°C Separate circuit. (Also user-settable high and low air temperature limit)
Dryer Supplies -70°C dew point air from a minimum 80 PSI source at 12 SCFM flow rate
Dimensions System Unit- (5.2 sq. feet). 24" (61 cm) wide x 31" (79 cm) long x 41" (104 cm) high
Weight System Unit 350 lbs. (159 kg)
Arm and Thermal Head Assembly - Mechanical Arm Configuration 75 lbs. (35 kg)
Head Configuration High Speed (2 Heaters)
Arm Configuration Mechanical Locks
Display Configuration Integral CRT
Disk Drive 3.5" Floppy
Power Source Nominal 220V. 50/60 Hz