Temptronic TPO4000A-2021-2 ThermoStream

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Temptronic TPO4000A-2021-2 ThermoStream/Temperature Forcing System
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Temptronic inTest Thermal TPO4000A-2021-2
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-70<225C Thermostream Temp Forcing System, High Speed
Temptronic inTest Thermal TPO4000A-2021-2 Specs
Temperature Range' Mechanical Arm:
-70°C to +225°C (cycling)
-65°C to +225°C (steady state)
'CFC free System is available. low temperature in range will degrade +5°C.
Airflow Up to 18 SCFM while temperature transitioning. Microprocessor regulated for optimum system performance. Also user settable upper limit by keypad or remote control.
Typical Transition Rate High Speed Head: + 125°C to .55°C 5 sec Standard Head: + 125°C to -55°C 22 sec
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1.0°C (when calibrated against a transfer standard)
Temperature Set and Display Resolution O.1°C
Non-volatile Memory Battery back-up retention of parameters
Controller Type Microprocessor-based PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
Local Control Keypad entry of parameters and selection of operating mode, setpoint
Remote Interface Ports RS232C Serial (option) Programmer's Keyboard: AT compatible
IEEE-488 Parallel Bus Parallel Printer. IBM or EPSON compatible (option)
EGA Monitor
Handler Interface Start Test End of Test with Stop on First Fail (5-12 VDC Pulse; user-setable polarity)
Remote DUT Sensors Type T thermocouple supplied; Type K thermocouple supplied; 1000 ohm RTD optional
Status Indication On-screen and at-communication I/Os (separate visual indicator)
Overheat Protection 235°C Separate circuit. (Also user-settable high and low air temperature limit)
Dryer Supplies -70°C dew point air from a minimum 80 PSI source at12 SCFM flow rate
Dimensions System Unit- (5.2 sq. feet). 24" (61 cm) wide x 31" (79 cm) long x 41" (104 cm) high
Weight System Unit 350 Ibs. (159 kg)
Arm and Thermal Head Assembly -Mechanical Arm Configuration 75 Ibs. (35 kg)
Head Configuration Standard (1 Heater)
Arm Configuration No Arm, head with 4" hose
Display Configuration Integral CRT
Disk Drive 3.5" Floppy
Power Source Nominal 220V. 50/60 Hz