Temptronic TPO4310A Thermal Inducing System, -80 to 225°C

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Temptronic inTest Thermal TP04310A
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Quickly and conveniently bring small and large devices, modules, PCBs, and other assemblies to precise temperature at the tester or application site.
Temptronic inTest Thermal TP04310A Features
System Performance:
  • Airflow: High capacity (9 l/s (18 scfm)) continuous airflow optimizes temperature transition rate and throughput.
  • Temperature Control: Air or Patented DUT Dual Loop directly at the DUT case to ±0.1°C
  • Typical Temperature transition rate:
    -55° to +125°C: approximately 7 seconds**
    +125° to -55°C: approximately 13 seconds**
  • DUT Sensor Ports: Type T or Type K thermocouple
  • Temperature set, display and resolution: ±0.1°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: 1.0°C ( calibrated to NIST standard)
  • Remote interface ports: Three: IEEE-488, RS232C, SOT/EOT/SFF

** Transition rate measured at 18 scfm, cycling from -80° to +225°C

Operating Features:
  • User Control from the front panel function keys and intuitive menus or via remote interface ( IEEE-488, RS232, ST/EOT)
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Operator Mode: Test and cycle at Hot/Ambient/Cold temperatures
    • Cycling Mode: Utilize up to 12 thermal cycling sequences, "Smart Tuning" and other advanced features.
  • User-defined "At Temperature" Windows, airflow rate, Air or DUT Temperature Control
  • Thermal head raising and lowering: Pneumatic control; also manually adjustable
  • Thermal Cycling Sequences: Set up to 12 cycling routines in sequence on one table.
  • Save up to 12 test set-up files for quick recall and test repeatability.
  • Quick airflow control from Front panel
  • CFC-free for all systems; HCFC-free for all 50 Hz Systems
  • CE approved; and SEMI S2-93A compliant
Temptronic inTest Thermal TP04310A Applications
  • Test and cycle a DUT under a wide range of thermal conditions with pre-set cycling sequences of up to 18 different sets.
  • For 24 hr/7 day test environments, the TP04300A's high capacity airflow and DUT thermal precision ensure high throughput with consistent repeatability. Operator's Mode ensures quick set-up for testing at up to three pre-set temperatures.
  • Thermal source for applications requiring precisely controlled thermal air, including the ThermoFixture® enclosure/ATE interface for thermally testing PCB, modules, assemblies, digital, high frequency (RF, microwave), and high power devices.
  • Standards testing including MIL-STD-750