Tenney MR-1 Precision Temperature Bath

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Tenney MR-1 Precision Temperature Bath
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Tenney MR-1
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MR-1 Datasheet
-73°C to +120°C Precision Temperature Bath
Tenney MR-1 Features
  • Solid state temperature controller, with push-to-set multiturn potentiometer and a 3½ digit LED display that indicates setpoint and actual conditions to 0.1°C
  • RFI free instrument
  • High Volume Pump - High capacity, seal-less centrifugal pump circulates heat transfer fluid...gives full performance...insures uniform flow
  • Hermeticool®, a hermetic refrigeration system incorporating accurately calibrated capillary tubes in lieu of mechanical expansion valves
  • Umbrella Fluid Evaporation Trap - Unique design provides a protective umbrella that entraps bath fluid and vapor...promotes its return to the chamber...resists build-up of frost and ice to permit continuous low-temperature operation
Tenney MR-1 Specs
Liquid Capacity 1 gallon
Temperature Range -73°C to +120°C
Temperature Control Stability ±0.03°C
Pulldown +25°C to +120°C approx. ½ hour
+25°C to -60°C approx. 60 minutes
Workspace Dimensions 3½" diameter x 10" deep