Teseq, formerly known as Schaffner, is an industry-leading manufacturer of test and measurement instruments for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. Founded in 1962, the company designed its first EMC test equipment in 1971. Management bought out Schaffner's EMC test business line and founded Teseq Holding AG in 2006. In 2012, Teseq expanded, acquiring both Instruments For Industry (IFI) and Milmega. AMETEK, Inc. acquired the Teseq Group in 2014, and Teseq continues to lead the EMC industry as a part of AMETEK's Electronic Instruments Group.

Over the years, Teseq established itself as an innovator in research and development and global manufacturing, crafting its products to meet engineers' needs. Teseq specializes in several types of EMC measurement devices. The company designs transient immunity generators, along with other immunity test systems, that are utilized by engineers to fulfill requirements like IEC 61850-3 and conduct automotive immunity testing. Some of Teseq’s most popular products are its ESD guns, which conduct electrostatic discharge testing. RF Power Amplifiers from Teseq offer precise signal amplification for radiated and conducted EMC immunity testing.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) has partnered with Teseq for nearly two decades, supplying ESD guns, RF power amplifiers, immunity test systems and numerous other devices for rent and purchase. Personnel in the automotive, aerospace, consumer, medical equipment and telecom industries rely on ATEC for Teseq products. Engineers commonly rent Teseq products to fulfill commercial or IEC standards, automotive standards like ISO 7637, and now military standards, known as MIL-STD, for radiated immunity and conducted susceptibility test solutions. 
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Teseq Products
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