Teseq EMC-20 E-Field Probe

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Teseq EMC-20 E-Field Probe
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Teseq EMC-20 E-Field Probe Teseq EMC-20 E-Field Probe
Teseq EMC-20
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Designed primarily for industrial and medical applications, the Schaffner EMC-20 units are also suitable for getting started in telecommunications applications. The E-field probes make isotropic measurements. The EMC-20 also has a spatial averaging function and memory for 1500 measured values and offers remote control via the optical RS 232 interface.
Teseq EMC-20 Specs
Frequency range 100 kHz to 3 GHz
Meas. range 0.6 bis 800 V/m, 0.0001 to 170 mW/m2
Special features

Automatic zero alignment, averaging (time), averaging (spatial) and data memory

Display units mW/cm2, W/m2, V/m, A/m
Includes Rechargeable cells, charger