Teseq Emipak Plus Emission Testing System

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Teseq Emipak Plus Emission Testing System
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Teseq Emipak Plus
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Emipak Plus Datasheet
Emipak Plus System Consists of:
  • Advantest R4131D Spectrum Analyzer, 10kHz-3.5GHz
  • Chase UPA6192 30MHz-2GHz BiLog Antenna
  • Chase MN2050B LISN Single Phase 10A, 9kHz-30MHz
  • NFPS1 Near Field Probe set, 9kHz-1GHz
  • Personal Computer (CPU, Monitor & HP Color Printer) with Chase EPS9980 Emission Measuring Software and Manual.
Teseq Emipak Plus Specs
  • Frequency Range: 9kHz-30MHz
  • Max Current: 10A Cont., 16A Peak
  • Max Voltage: 250V AC & DC
  • Network Impedance / Inductance: 50Ω / 50µH+5 Ω
  • Lines / Phases: 1 / 2
NFPS1 Near Field Probe Set Applications:
  • Locate emission hot-spots
  • Check mechanical screening performance
  • Isolate faulty components