Teseq INA 702 Magnetic Field Coil

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Teseq INA 702 Magnetic Field Coil
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Teseq INA 702
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The INA 702 Multi turn Magnetic field coil is for field strengths up to 40 A/m continuous, 330 A/m Short term (5 s), 1200 A/m pulsed (8/20us), 1 x 1 m as specified in IEC 61000-4-8 and IEC 61000-4-9.
Teseq INA 702 Features
  • 11 turns with tap off at turn 1,5,11
  • Includes stand with socket, rotation mechanism with brake, vertical positioning mechanism, traceable calibration certificate, 2 termination plugs (Pulse and power), cable for connecting to MFO 6501 or 6502 synthesized sources (pure sinewave).
  • Can be used with NSG 1007 sources and INA 2141 (impedance box for Magnetic Field tests) by use of optional adapter cable.