Teseq NSG650 High Energy Pulse Generator

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Teseq NSG650 High Energy Pulse Generator
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Teseq NSG650
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NSG650 Datasheet
The High Energy Pulse Generator Schaffner / Teseq NSG 650 produces hybrid pulses of the shape 1.2/50 μs (open circuit) 8/20 μs (short circuit) as well as the 0.5/100 kHz Ring wave pulse. The unit thus complies with the standards and recommendations IEC 801-5, ANSI-IEEE C62.41, IEEE587, VDE 0109 etc. The NSG 650 is operated via a personal computer (IBM XT, AT or compatible). Alternatively the user can integrate the Schaffner NSG 650 Generator into an existing computer environment.
Teseq NSG650 Features
  • Surge pulses: 1.2/50µs, 8/20 µs
  • Ring wave: 0.5 µs/100 kHz, > 6kV/500 Amps
  • Floating output
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Operating software included
  • Automatic sequence programming
Teseq NSG650 Specs
Technical Specifications
Instrument supply

115 V or 230 Vac, +15%/- 20% 50/60 Hz, 115 Watts approx .

Type of pulses:

1, 2/50 µs (open circuit)
8/20 µs (short circuit)
200 V to 6 .6 kV ± 10%
up to 3 .3 kAmps at 6 .6 kV
dyn, imp: low
2 ohms
high 12 ohms

Ring wave

0.5 µs/100 kHz
200 V to 6 .6 kV
up to 500 Amps
dyn. imp: low
12 ohms
high 30 ohms

Polarity +/-
Pulse outputs floating

No front panel controls.
All functions controlled via PC with the NSG 650 operating software

Interface serial, RS 232C (Com 1)
Program menus

Parameter setup
File handling

Operating modes

Single pulse
Increment voltage sequence
Increment phase angle seq.
User-defined sequence of test profiles


Type of pulse : Surge (high imp .)
Surge (low imp.)
Ring (high imp .)
Ring (low imp .)
Voltage step
Synchronous / asynchronous
Phase angle ( rel . to line)
Phase angle step
Repetition rate
Number of surges
Number of sequences

Teseq NSG650 Accessories
Optional accessories
CDN 110 Surge coupling network, single phase
CDN 115 Signal-Line coupling network
INA 110-40 40 ohmsn resistor to be used with CDN 115
INA 120 Test enclosure
INA 121 Component test box