TestEquity 1016H Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The TestEquity 1016H Temperature & Humidity Chamber is a reliable and spacious environmental chamber, offering a temperature range of -73°C to 175°C. The chamber floor has a sloped design and a drain, allowing the removal of condensate happening from the exchange between low and high temperature cycles. The 1016H has a uniformity of ±0.5°C and 8.3°C per minute heat-up transition time. The humidity range is incredibly versatile, ranging from 10% to 95% RH. The TestEquity 1016H Temperature & Humidity Chamber is designed to fit the industry standard, allowing access to 4-inch ports on both left and right sides of the unit while providing a non-CFC cascade refrigeration function.

The equipped 3.5 HP scroll compressors improve chamber reliability and efficiency with expansion valves, providing optimum performance throughout the operating range. The TestEquity 1016H Temperature & Humidity Chamber features a large load and cooling capacity of 15.6 cubic feet in the interior with an 18-inch by 12-inch viewing window. This innovative cabinet design prevents exterior window sweating during normal temperature cycling conditions. By adding interior light for easy monitoring during the test process, the chamber also features a 0.1% RH display resolution.

The TestEquity 1016H Temperature and Humidity Chamber is a part of the TestEquity Environmental Chambers Series.