Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber

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Rent Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber
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TestEquity Environmental Chambers 105A
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105A Datasheet
The Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber is small enough to fit on your bench with plenty of room to spare. It’s 40% smaller and uses 33% less power than the typical “benchtop” chamber. Put it on a cart, and you can roll it into even the smallest work cubicle. Easy to use microprocessor-based controller stores 256 steps in up to 40 profiles. Includes an RS-232C interface. Optional GPIB interface is available. High/low limit control provides user-adjustable independent protection against excess temperatures. The Half Cube’s refrigeration system generates a low level of audible noise and vibration. You’ll be able to work close to the chamber with minimum discomfort and distraction.
  • GPIB Interface
  • Extra Shelf
  • Rackmount Adapter
  • 50 Hz Export Version
  • Cart
TestEquity Environmental Chambers 105A Features
  • 1/2 Cu Ft Workspace
  • -40°C to +130°C Temperature Range
  • 256-Step Programmable Temperature Controller
  • High/Low Limit Controller
  • RS-232 interface, optional GPIB
  • LabVIEW Drivers
  • Compact Size for Benchtop or Rackmount Use
  • Low Audible Noise
  • Non-CFC Single-Stage Refrigeration
  • 120V Input - Plugs Into Any Outlet
TestEquity Environmental Chambers 105A Specs
Temperature Range -40°C to +130°C
Control Tolerance ±0.5°C (±0.2°C Typical)
Uniformity ±1.0°C (±0.5°C Typical)
Live Load Capacity +23°C
200 Watts
175 Watts
165 Watts
145 Watts
90 Watts
10 Watts