Thermo Keytek 424 Surge Generator/Monitor

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Keytek 424 Surge Generator/Monitor
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek 424
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The Keytek 424 is a comprehensive, fully-integrated surge testing capability available to the electrical, electronic and communications industries. It represents, in effect, a complete turnkey solution to virtually all standard and special-purpose surge test requirements.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek 424 Features
  • Peak voltage and current values measured at the load
  • Clean waveforms
  • Remote programmable/readout operation
  • Complete system interlocking - cannot pulse without all safety interlocks engaged, or without proper energy/component combinations
  • Optional control of surge versus ac-line phase single
  • Energy available for pulses up to 6 kB, 5 kA and over 1200 joules
  • Voltage to 6000 volts, current to 2000 amperes, plug-in dependent
  • Positive and negative pulses
  • Precise, selectable waveshapes
  • Rise time to 100kV/microsecond
  • Four-wire output connection
  • Digital display of peak V and I
  • Go/no go display of peak V and I
  • V and I monitor outputs
  • Human engineered for safe operation
  • Expandable through options & accessory equipment