Thermo Keytek ECAT E4553kV Surge & EFT Coupler/Decoupler

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Rent Thermo Keytek ECAT E4553kV Surge & EFT Coupler/Decoupler
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E4553
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Thermo Keytek E4553 Datasheet
The Thermo Keytek ECAT E4553kV is used with the Thermo Keytek ECAT Modular EMC Test System.

3-phase AC line coupler/decoupler for EFT and Surge waves, as specified by IEC 61000-4-4C Edition 2 and IEC 61000-4-5.
  • E455x-DC - Allows the E455x coupler/decoupler to be used with DC as well as mains. The DC current ratings for essentially resistive loads are:
    • to 48V - 20A
    • to 110V - 8A
    • to 220V - 1.2A
  • E455x-VI - Enhanced V and I monitoring. Adds monitoring and peak detection of surge voltage and current. Upper and lower limits can be placed on surge peaks. Monitoring of 3 wires is provided in single-phase systems, 5 wires in three-phase systems. Selection of the V and I inputs is performed from the control center or can be made automatically with SurgeWare control software
  • E455x-HV - Increases the AC mains voltage rating from 277V to 480V rms in the E4552, and from 480V to 600V rms in the E4553 and E4554. The HV option is not available in the E4551, E4555 and E4556
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E4553 Features
  • 3-phase
  • 480V rms Volatage
  • 16A Current

Coupling Mode: Coupling mode selection is controlled manually from the control selection center, or automatically using KeyTek SurgeWare™ or BurstWare™ software. Coupling is allowed from any line to any other line or combination of lines.

Monitoring: Monitoring and peak detection of surge voltage across any two manually-selected lines. Monitoring can be at the EUT or at the front panel of the coupler/decoupler.