Thermo Neslab CFT-300 Recirculating Chiller

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Rent Thermo Neslab CFT-300 Recirculating Chiller
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Neslab CFT-300
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Thermo Neslab CFT-300 Datasheet
The Thermo Neslab CFT-300 Recirculating Chiller offers high cooling capacities at an affordable price. The chiller features an easy-tooperate digital controller, bright LED readout, and pressure gauge for fluid systems diagnostics at a glance. The unit’s air-cooled condenser promotes reliable, stand-alone operation, while the quick release grill allows for easy condenser cleaning.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Neslab CFT-300 Specs
Cooling Capacity at 20° C 60 Hz 10,650 watts
36,315 BTU/hr
9,181 Kcal/hr
50 Hz 9,000 watts
30,690 BTU/hr
7,759 Kcal/hr
Temperature Range* 2° C to 32° C
Temperature Stability +/- 1° C
Pumping Capacity
3 gpm at 60 psi
Pumping Capacity
(CP-55 Optional)
10 gpm at 40 psi
*Extended temperature range (-15° C) units also available