Thermo Keytek ECAT E501B 6kV Combination Wave Surge Simulator

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Rent Thermo Keytek ECAT E501B 6kV Combination Wave Surge Simulator
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E501B
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Thermo Keytek E501B Datasheet
The Thermo Keytek ECAT E501B Combination Wave Surge Simulator is a plug-in module for the Thermo Keytek ECAT Modular EMC Test System to produce the combination waves required by IEC 1000-4-5, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Cat. B and UL 1449 (15 Aug 98) at 3kA.
  • E501B-VI: Provides monitoring of the peak surge voltages and currents at the output of the E501B module. All measurements are logged by software for diagnostic evaluation or Go/No-Go testing. (Note: If an ECAT coupler/decoupler is included, waveform monitoring is available at the output of the coupler/decoupler without the addition of Option E501B-VI.)
  • E501B-S: Provides an oscilloscope trigger for the E501B.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E501B Features
  • Open-Circuit Voltage: 1.2/50ms to >6kV peak
  • Short-Circuit Current: 8/20ms to >3kA peak
  • Complete software-selectable test parameters, including 10-ohm series output resistor
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Keytek E501B Specs
Open-Circuit Voltage: 1.2/50μs, 200V –
6.6kV -5% +10% in 1 volt steps (same waveform defined as 1.2/50μs in IEC 469-1)
Short-Circuit Current: 8/20μs, 100A – 3.3kA
-0% +10% with 2 ohm effective source impedance (same waveform defined as 6.4/16ms in IEC 469-1)
With a 12 ohm effective source impedance, the peak short-circuit current is approximately the open-circuit voltage ÷ 12. The short-circuit current is then no longer 8/20ms and does not fulfill the 500A combination wave requirements of UL 1449.
Rise Time Tolerance: ±30% for voltage; ±20% for current
Duration Tolerance: ±20%
(Note: When used with a three-phase coupler/decoupler, the voltage waveform durations may be reduced when couplingwith multiple lines to PE.)
Surge Repetition Rate: 1 shot/12 seconds
Line Sync Accuracy: ±15° with optional coupler/decoupler