Thermo KeyTek MZ-30 Minizap ESD Gun

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The Thermo KeyTek MZ-30 Minizap ESD Gun is a 0.50 kV - 30 kV contact and air discharge gun compliant with IEC standard level 4 (15 kV). Essentially a design tool, the Thermo KeyTek MZ-30 Minizap allows engineers to identify conditions wherein a product begins to degrade or malfunction, known as its limit value, prior to production. This quality analysis capacity renders these devices ideal for testing category or company-driven standards. The MZ-30 Minizap's operation panel features keys and a rotary knob, allowing technicians to directly set test levels specified by the IEC standard. These controls facilitate adjustment for standard compliance tests and other various settings. In addition to the standard 150 pF capacitor unit and 330O discharge resistor, Thermo KeyTek MZ-30 models offer a variety of optional components, including a 330 pF capacitor unit and 2kO discharge resistor. The MZ-30 supports the seven discharge current waveforms prescribed for the waveform calibration method laid down in a target compliant with IEC61000-4-2 Edition 1.