Profile Pro8000 Modular Laser Source

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The mainframe of the Pro8000 Profile series can be equipped with light source modules, which can either provide LEDs or laser diodes at different output wavelengths and various power levels. If the PRO 8000 mainframe is equipped with the appropriate light source modules of the LS 8000 series, they are ideally suited for many multi-channel applications, for example for component testing. Each light source module features low noise electronics, an ultra-stable temperature controller and provides a fibre-coupled output with an FC connector. There are numerous modules available with temperature controlled SLEDs or laser diodes. The laser modules either include single mode FP lasers or DFB lasers with or without isolators.

Depending on the installed laser diode the laser source modules of the LS 8000 series can provide an output power (in fiber) of between 1mW and 40 mW. To keep the wavelength and output power extremely stable, each laser diode is precisely temperature controlled. The short term stability of the optical output is better than 0.002 dB, the long term stability better than 0.01 dB. The wavelength of each laser module can be fine tuned via temperature. The tuning range is about ±0.2 nm for the FP sources, for the DFB sources it is about ±0.05 nm. All modules of the 8-series can be used in the 8-channel PRO 8000.