Tinius Olsen 2kN Bollard Grip

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The Tinius Olsen 2kN Bollard Grip is a two-piece grip with a single bollard grip and a vice clams. The free end of the test specimen is held in a vise clamp, then the specimen is wrapped around the single friction bollard, which reduces the concentration of stress at the clamping point and prevents premature breakage. The Tinius Olsen 2kN is compatible with the ST Series materials testing machines.

The Tinius Olsen 2kN works well for sturdy products such as cables and fishing line as well as yarn, wool, and other threads. With a maximum capacity of 2kN/400lbf and load cell of 50N/10lbf, its durability is apparent. This grip achieves peak performance within a temperature range of -30 to 70°C. This combination of power, reliability, and adaptability makes the 2kN an ideal choice for durability testing.