Transistor Devices DLR50-15-150A Electronic Load

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Transistor Devices DLR50-15-150A Electronic Load
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Transistor Devices (TDI Power) DLR50-15-150
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DLR50-15-150 Datasheet Specifications
3-50V, 15A, 150W, Electronic Load
Transistor Devices (TDI Power) DLR50-15-150 Specs
Basic load functions of resistive loading and constant current loading
Constant voltage is also provided for battery simulation
Operating Voltage 3-50V
Load Current 0-15A
Maximum Power 150W
Resistance Ranges 0-0.5A/V; 0-3A/V
Constant Current Ranges 0-3A; 0-15A
Program Input 0-6V @ 1mA
Constant Voltage 0-50V
Overvoltage 60V max
Current Limit 20A max
Power Limit 200W max