TDI Power MCL488 3500W Mult-Channel Loads

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TDI Power MCL488 3500W Mult-Channel Loads
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Transistor Devices (TDI Power) MCL 488
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3500W Programmable Electronic DC Load
Transistor Devices (TDI Power) MCL 488 Features
  • Front Panel, Analog IEEE 488, or RS232 Control
  • 60 Amp, 350 Watt Modules 30 Amp, 175 Watt Modules
  • Channels in 50V, 100V, 400V, or 600V Configurations
  • Paralleling Channels for Simultaneous control
  • Operation to a Fraction of a Volt
  • Current, Resistance, Voltage and Power Loading
  • Pulse Operation, Including Three Step Staircase
  • Channels May be Easily Added in the Field