Transistor Devices DLVP-130-250-2500 Electronic Load

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Transistor Devices DLVP-130-250-2500 130 Volt, 250 Amp, 2500 Watt, Electronic Load is a precision instrument which simulates electrical loads to test power supplies, generators, servo systems, batteries, and similar electrical power sources. It simulates, at the option of the user, resistive loads (amps/volt) or may be switched to a constant current load characteristic (current regulated at a pre-selected value) or a constant voltage type of load (similar to a battery or a Zener diode). Provisions are also made for external programming in automated test set-ups. The external programming voltage is from 0 - 10V, with an input impedance of 10K minimum. Load current is directly proportional to programming voltage, and the sensitivity is adjustable with the front panel current adjustments.

In addition to the constant current external programming, the dynaload may be programmed by an external resistance to function as a resistive load. The load resistance is inversely proportional to the programming resistance.