Transistor Devices RBL488-400-600-4000 Dynaload 400 V, 600 A, 4000 W

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The Transistor Devices inc. (TDI) RBL488-400-600-4000 Dynaload 400 V, 600 A, 4000 W features a wide range IEEE 488 computer programming. Individual models are designed for low voltage high current applications up to 600 amperes at fractions of a volt whereas other models are designed for midrange applications and high voltage applications up to 400 volts. Equivalent Transistor Devices RBL488 Dynaloads are available with RS 232 and Analog programming for laboratory as well as production applications. All Transistor Devices RBL488-400-600-4000 models include easy-to-apply master-slave parallel capabilities and all higher power models incorporate variable speed forced-air cooling to assure a quiet environment.