Transmation 1080 Digital Calibrator/ Signal Indicator

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Transmation 1080 Digital Calibrator/ Signal Indicator
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Transmation 1080
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The microcomputer controlled Model 1080 FlexiTESTER® can simultaneously measure unknown DC signals within a millivolt, voltage or current range, and generate these signals to test and calibrate process instrumentation . Independent dual displays permit the input and output signals to be displayed at the same time without switching. The output display indicates the signal actually present at the output terminals. The low voltage, calculator-type fluorescent displays are hooded for high visibility in either dim or bright light, and operate even in very low temperatures.

FIexiTESTER is designed for a high degree of versatility in both field and laboratory test applications ; it can even service instruments still installed in a process loop . Each of the signal ranges has a separate set of input and output terminals on the front panel . These separate terminals and controls permit the user to connect a number of devices to the 1080 simultaneously.
Transmation 1080 Features
  • Simultaneously Measures & Generates rnA, mV, or Voltage Range Signals
  • Add-on Modules to Measure/Generate Frequency & RTD Signals
  • 24 VDC Supply to Power Loop
  • Percent (%) Output Switch Positions: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 0% of Span
  • Dual Displays Provide Simultaneous Monitoring of Input & Output Signals
  • Digital Resolution to 1 Part in 30,000
  • High Accuracy: 0.02% Full Scale on Millivolt Ranges
  • Infinite Resolution Coarse and Fine Adjustments
  • Auto Zero Correction
  • Microcomputer Memory Protected on Power Loss
  • Full Protection Without Fuses
  • Output Display Indicates Actual Signal at Terminals
  • Highly Visible Displays Operate Even in Very Low Temperatures
  • Functionally Grouped Controls
  • Portable - Weighs 4 Pounds, Including Battery Pack
  • Large, Finger-Size Control Knobs
  • Rugged, Industrialized Construction Protected Against Working Environments
Transmation 1080 Specs
Input Characteristics Per Signal Type:
Type Range Impedance Resolution
(% Full Scale)
mv -150 to +150 10 megohms .007% +/-.013% Full Scale +/- .02% of Reading
V -75 to +75V 1 megohm .013% +/-.013% Full Scale +/- .04% of Reading
mA -75 to +75 mA 10 ohms .013% +/-.026% Full Scale +/- .053% of Reading
Output Characteristics Per Signal Type:
Type Range Output Impedance Output Drive Capability Resolution (% Full Scale) Accuracy
mV 0 to 150 mV 0.5 ohms 1 mA max. .007% +/-.013% Full Scale +/- .013% of Reading
V 0 to 24V 0.5 ohms 80 mA max. .042% +/-.042% Full Scale +/- .128% of Reading
(less than 1V: add +/- 1 LSD
mA XMIT 0 to 60 mA   mA output: 1.2k ohms max. @20 mA

XMIT output: 1.1k ohms max. @20 mA given 24 VDC power supply

.017% +/-.033% Full Scale +/-.053% of Reading
DC Power Isolated, unregulated loop power supply. 24 VDC @ 50 mA, typical. Current limited @ 75 mA