TTC 2207 Wireless Field Services Module

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TTC 2207 Wireless Field Services Module
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TTC 2207 Wireless Field Services Module TTC 2207 Wireless Field Services Module
TTC 2207
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Manual 2207 Datasheet
The 2207 T1/T3 Wireless Field Services Module adds digital wireless network test capabilities as well as standard T1 and ISDN PRI qualification and troubleshooting applications to the 2000 Test Pad. It supports GSM network testing from a T1 access point to quickly and accurately diagnose and differentiate wireless service problems from T1 problems. Use the 2207 between the base station and the switch without disrupting revenue-generating traffic.
TTC 2207 Features
  • Easy-to-use, touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies and expedites testing
  • Modular 2000 Test Pad architecture enables up-to-date support for established and emerging technologies in a single platform
  • Engineered for the field with rugged construction, lightweight design, and battery-powered operation
  • Dual PCMCIA slots support easy installation of future upgrades and bring added testing functionality and versatility
  • Automated testing features minimize training costs and testing complexity
  • Combined with DS1, DS3, ISDN PRI and GSM features, the 2207 is an all-in-one solution for high-speed testing the TDM portion of wireless networks