TTC 2310 SONET Field Service Module/Analyzer

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TTC 2310 SONET Field Service Module/Analyzer
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TTC 2310
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2310 Datasheet
The 2310 SONET Field Services Module is an all-in-one integrated testing solution that performs multi-rate transmission testing from DS0 to OC-48/48c and supports physical layer and enhanced services testing at different network rates. Its modular architecture protects your long-term investment by providing the flexibility, scalability, and field upgradability to support evolving test needs.
TTC 2310 Features
  • Test optical interfaces at OC-48/48c, OC-12/12c, and OC-3/3 rates
  • Test electrical interfaces at STS-1, DS3, and DS1 rates
  • Manipulate SONET overhead bytes with an easy-to-use interface and analyze network performance under abnormal conditions
  • Perform bi-directional monitoring of STS-1, DS3 and DS1 circuits
  • Monitor and test ATM circuits and verify quality of service measurements
  • Place and receive calls on an ISDN PRI circuit and test non-facility associated signaling (NFAS) and backup D-Channel circuits
  • Monitor GR-303 protocol links for proper configuration and collect call statistics
  • Analyze signaling bits on a T1 voice trunk and place and receive calls
  • Use VT100 emulation to configure and monitor network elements