TTC T-BERD 305 DS3 Analyzer

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TTC T-BERD 305 DS3 Analyzer
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TTC T-BERD 305 DS3 Analyzer TTC T-BERD 305 DS3 Analyzer
TTC 305
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T-Berd DS3 Analyzer w/ optional DS1 drop
TTC 305 Features
  • Simultaneous Result Accumulation
  • Frame and Parity Error Counting
  • Threshold Error Seconds
  • Error Measurements: logic, bipolar, frame error, error rate, errored second, and percent error-free seconds.
  • Pattern Slips Count
  • Insertion of Single and Burst Errors
  • Signal Analysis Option: signal level, signal power, and frequency.
  • DS1 Drop Option
  • Extended-Length Pseudorandom Patterns
  • Printer Interface
  • Remote Control Options
  • Thru Data Error Insertion
  • Simultaneous error, signal, and performance measurements.
  • Unframed, M13, and C-bit parity frame formats.
  • Optional DS1 pattern insertion into the DS3 output
  • Single, burst, or variable rate error insertion.
  • DS1 drop capability.