TTC TPI 550B ISDN Basic Rate Test Set

TTC TPI 550B ISDN Basic Rate Test Set
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TTC 550B
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Portable ISDN Basic Rate Test Set
TTC 550B Features
  • Pinpoint ISDN problems with Auto SPID. This feature reports and displays the SPIDs, allowing you to select the correct SPID for testing
  • SPID Guess determines the SPID after the 10 digit directory number has been entered
  • Built for today's technology Auto Video Test auto-answers and loops both B channels for 128K video calls
  • User-friendly design allows technicians with limited training to do the job quickly and correctly in the shortest possible time
  • Compact, lightweight and weather-resistant, the TPI 550B goes wherever your testing needs take you
  • Intelligent Testing features Local/Distant bearer capability tests which quickly confirm that calls can be placed to the local switch and to a distant subscriber using four different bearer capabilities
  • One of the 550 differentiators are the ability to perform an inter-B channel delay measurement, display the results, then run dual BERT at 64K, to assure video conference success
  • Other new enhancements are G.821 in BERT, more BERT patterns, and 3.1K audio bearer capabilities. Additional enhancements include test macros, parameter download, AutoSPID and IDSL testing
TTC 550B Applications
  • Verifies customer services for Voice, Data, and Packet (B and D Channel) services
  • Determines line quality with BER testing (pre-qualification with LT/NT Emulation Mode)
  • Tests the ISDN network at the 2-wire U interface using 2B1Q line coding, and at the 4-wire S/T interface. Testing at these interfaces can include Margin Analysis using selectable dB Loss Pads. LEDs indicate vital information for each interface, including Sync, Active and Ready status
  • Optional U-Monitor interface allows bi-directional monitoring of in-service D-Channel signaling messages with storage, on screen LCD display or RS-232 data port output
  • Emulates the NT1 or the TE (i.e., an ISDN phone), or a combination of the two (NT1/TE). Is also capable of testing these elements insolation - an important problem-solving feature