TTC 6000R-6001,600 FIREBERD Communications Analyzer

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TTC 6000R-6001,600 FIREBERD Communications Analyzer
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TTC 6000R-6001,600 FIREBERD Communications Analyzer TTC 6000R-6001,600 FIREBERD Communications Analyzer
TTC 6000R
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6000R Datasheet Supplemental Document
FIREBERD BERT/Data Communications Analyzer
Modes of Operation
  • Emulation: Emulate DTE, Emulate DCE
  • System Configuration: Full-Duplex, Self-Loop
  • Timing Modes: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Recovered


Generator Timing
  • Ranges: Synchronous: 50 b/s to 52 Mb/s; Asynchronous: 50 b/s to 20 kb/s; Recovered Clock: 50 b/s to 520 kb/s
  • Timing Sources: Internal frequency synthesizer; BNC connector; Interface module (or built-in RS-232 Interface)
  • Indicators: LED illuminates when no generator clock signal is present


Data Generator
  • Fixed Patterns: Mark; 1:1; User-Programmable, 3- to 24-bit repeating pattern; 1:7; 3-in-24; DDS-1 to DDS-6 (DDS-specific patterns); T1-1 to T1-6, T1 mW, and DALY (T1-specific patterns); Tone (1004 Hz and 1020 Hz)
  • Pseudorandom Patterns: 63 (26-1); 511 (29-1), 2047 (211-1); 215-1 (32, 767); 220-1 (1,1048,575); 223-1 (8,388,607); QRSS
  • Messages:
    FOX message
    Three user-programmable messages, each up to 2048 characters in length
  • Asynchronous Character Format:
    Code: 5, 6, 7, or 8 bits
    Parity: Odd, even, or none
    Stop Bits: 1, 1.5 or 2 bits
  • Error Insertion: Single error or fixed 10-3 bit error rate in generated data only


Frequency Synthesizer
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 15 MHz


Receiver Timing
  • Timing Modes: Synchronous; Asynchronous; Recovered
  • Timing Sources: Data interface; Clock recovery (optional)
  • Indicators: NO CLK indicator
  • CLK INV indicator
  • DATA INV indicator


Data Error Analysis
  • Analysis Modes: Single; Continuous
  • Indicators:
    * Receiver Inputs: MK illuminates when a Mark is received; SP illuminates when a Space is received
    * DATA INV illuminates when received data is inverted from what is expected
TTC 6000R Features
  • The Remote Control Feature gives you the ability to control your FIREBERD 6000 via computer for automated testing. Ideal for the manufacturing environment
  • Stress patterns and transmit level selections test the operating limit of circuits and components. Find marginal equipment or service deficiencies before they degrade network performance
  • T1 and G.703 jitter generation and measurement tools analyze impairments per CCITT Recommendations 0.171 and G.823 and AT&T PUBs 41451, 62411, and 43801
  • Built-in frequency synthesizer transmits clock frequencies for testing at standard and nonstandard rates from 50 Hz to 15 MHz
  • Measurements such as clock recovery, inverted clock and data detection, and round-trip delay offer sophisticated problem-solving capability
  • Full programmability - store and recall up to ten of your most frequently used test configurations
  • Built-in RS-232 Interface with DTE and DCE emulation for added convenience
  • Remote control and printer operation for centralized testing at any remote site, with printouts of all key test results as well as your instrument's current configuration
TTC 6000R Specs
BER Test Intervals
  • 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, or 1010 bits
  • Time Test Intervals: one second to 24 hours, one-second resolution


Block Lengths

102 to 106 bits, one-bit resolution


Signal Analysis

Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 15 MHz, optionally to 52 MHz