VIC MS 50 Console Helium Leak Detectors

Rent VIC MS 50 Console Helium Leak Detectors
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The VIC MS 50 Console Helium Leak Detectors are high-speed production leak detectors offers unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use, with simple one-button power-up and fastest time-to-test. Available in a variety of ergonomically designed CE-compliant models and configurations, the MS-50 is ideal for a broad range of application-specific testing.


  • Quickly and accurately detects leaks for a broad range of applications
  • Dual pump system – dedicated Dry Foreline and Dry Roughing Pumps
  • Built-in diagnostics for troublefree maintenance
  • Simple one-button power up has system ready to test in less than 3-minutes
  • Fully automatic startup, tuning and calibration
  • High inlet pressure of 7.5 Torr provides fast time to test
  • Three flow modes provide flexibility and maximum productivity for application specific leak testing
  • Resolution of 14 at mass 4 is twice the industry average
  • The only production leak detector with a full screen interactive flat panel LCD display

  • MS-50 Dry Console
  • MS-50 Dual Port Console
  • MS-50 High Sensitivity Dry Console
  • MS-50 Ultra Fast Test (UFT) Console
  • MS-50 Argon Console