Valhalla 2101 AC/DC Wideband Digital Power Analyzer

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Valhalla 2101 AC/DC Wideband Digital Power Analyzer
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Valhalla Scientific 2101
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Manual 2101 Datasheet

The Valhalla 2101 is a single-phase digital power analyzer boasting twin high resolution digital displays, DC to 50 KHz frequency responses, true power measurement, true RMS voltage and current and built-in peak overload indicators.

The wideband direct-coupled, front-end design of the 2101 permits it to make accurate power measurements, even in the most difficult applications. Switching power supplies, SCR controlled circuits and pulsed DC devices are just a few of the applications requiring the true power measurement capability of the Valhalla 2101.

Valhalla Scientific 2101 Specs
Range/Resolution Table

True RMS Voltage

True RMS Current

.2000A 2.000A 20.00A
30.00V 6.000W 60.00W 600.0W
150.00V 30.00W 300.0W 3000W
300.0V 60.00W 600.0W 6000W
  True WATTS


Performance Specifications
AC/DC Voltage and AC/DC Current (True RMS)
Accuracy (Voltage and Current)
DC & 40 Hz to 5 kHz ± 0.1% of reading ± 6 digits
5 kHz to 15 kHz ± 0.5% of reading ± 6 digits
15 kHz to 20 kHz ± 0.75% of reading ± 6 digits usable to 50 kHz with typically 1% error per 10 kHz
Crest Factor Response 50:1 for minimum RMS input, linearly decreasing to 2.5:1 for full scale RMS input
Minimum Input 5% of range
Maximum Input 600 V DC or RMS AC, 1500V peak
Maximum Common Mode 1500 V peak, neutral to earth
Peak Indicator Illuminates at 2.5 x full scale
Maximum Input 35 A peak, 20 A DC or RMS; 100 A DC or RMS for 16 ms without damage
Overrange 150% of full scale for DC, up to maximum input
Watts (True Power-EI cos Ø)
Accuracy 25°C ± 5°C, 1 year
DC & 40 Hz to 5 kHz ± 0.25% of reading ± 6 digits
5 kHz to 10 kHz ± 0.5% of reading ± 0.5% of range
10 kHz to 20 kHz ± 1% of reading ± 1% of range (2A range only)
20 kHz to 50 kHz additional ± 1% per 10 kHz above 20 kHz
Power Factor Response Unity to zero leading or lagging