Valhalla 2724A Resistance Standard Calibrator

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Valhalla 2724A Resistance Standard Calibrator
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Valhalla Scientific 2724A
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Manual Specifications
The 2724A Resistance Standard is a fully variable programmable resistance standard that provides over 10 million resistance values ranging from 100 micro-ohms to 11 gigohms. The unit accomplishes this feat by using microprocessor technology coupled with an extremely high resolution A/D converter to "synthesize" the programmed value of resistance. Basic Accuracy to 7 ppm Short Term Stability to 2 ppm (10 ppm-1 yr) Calibrates 7 1/2 digit DMMs Two/Four Terminal.
Valhalla Scientific 2724A Specs
Output Configuration Selectable 2-wire or 4-wire low thermal EMF terminals; front and rear provided in parallel
Leakage Current ±2pA ±0.2pA/°C
Maximum Noise and Thermals
(4-wire mode)
  DC to 10Hz 10Hz to 10kHz
Standard Mode ±4µV ±40µV
Fast Mode ±30µV ±300µV
CPR Mode ±2µV ±20µV
Dimensions 89mm (3.5")H x 432mm (17")W x 432mm (17")D
Weight 7.2 kg (16 lb) net, 10.5kg (23 lb)
Power Requirements 115 or 230VAC ±10% @ 50 to 400Hz; 50VA max
Temperature Operating: 0°C to 50°C Storage: -30°C to 70°C
Humidity Up to 70% RH at 40°C (non-condensing)
Range (Ω)
Accuracies Resistance (ppm of setting)
(DC to 1Hz)
90 Days 180 Days 360 Days 24 Hour 1 Year
0 to 120 ±7ppm ±2mΩ ±9ppm ±3mΩ ±11ppm ±4mΩ ±2ppm ±10ppm
.12K to 1.2K ±7ppm ±7mΩ ±9ppm ±9mΩ ±11ppm ±11mΩ ±2ppm ±10ppm
1.2K to 12K ±7ppm ±50mΩ ±9ppm ±63mΩ ±11ppm ±75mΩ ±2ppm ±10ppm
12K to 120K ±7ppm ±500mΩ ±9ppm ±630mΩ ±11ppm ±750mΩ ±2ppm ±10ppm
120K to 1.2M ±12ppm ±5Ω ±15ppm ±7Ω ±18ppm ±9Ω ±2ppm ±10ppm
1.2M to 12M ±20ppm ±50Ω ±25ppm ±63Ω ±30ppm ±75Ω ±2ppm ±10ppm
12M to 120M ±40ppm ±1KΩ ±50ppm ±1.5KΩ ±60ppm ±2KΩ ±500Ω ±50ppm
.12G to 1.2G ±0.1% ±50KΩ ±0.15% ±63KΩ ±0.2% ±75KΩ ±50KΩ ±50ppm
1.2G to 11G ±0.1% ±5MΩ ±0.15% ±6.3MΩ ±0.2% ±7.5MΩ ±5MΩ ±0.05%