Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

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Rent Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter
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Rent Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter Rent Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter Rent Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter
Valhalla Scientific 4300B
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The Valhalla 4300B Digital Micro-Ohmmeter quickly and accurately measures a wide variety of low resistance devices ranging in value from 100 nano-ohms to 20 kilo-ohms. The flexible measurement format of the 4300B provides six ranges of user selectable test current (from .1mA to 10A) and three voltage sensitivity settings (20mV, 200mV and 2V). The unit's 4? digit resistance readings are displayed on a razor sharp, high contrast LCD display and are optionally available via BCD or GPIB interface. Features of the 4300B include: four terminal compensation, a very low 2 milliohm range, selectable test current levels (up to 10 amps), a fast settling charge inductor mode, safety disconnect status indicators, automatic temperature compensation, a basic accuracy of ±0.03% and a push button or GPIB controlled current on/off selector.
Valhalla Scientific 4300B Features
  • Test Current to 10 Amps
  • High Compliance Voltage
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • On/Off Control of Test Current
  • 4½ Digit Bright LED Display
  • 4-Wire Kelvin
  • 3 Selectable Pre-amp Ranges
  • 6 Selectable Test Current Ranges
  • GPIB
Valhalla Scientific 4300B Specs
Accuracy: (180 days 24°C ± 2°C) ±.03% of reading ± 2 counts (add 2 counts on 20mV range; ±.01% of reading on 10 amp range)
CMR Ratio: 60db at DC, 50Hz & 60Hz
Display: 4? digit (19999) LCD -20,000 counts Overload Indication: Display Flashes
Terminal Configuration: Four-wire Kelvin. Front terminals standard, rear Bendix terminals optional
Maximum Input: 500 amps peak induced current
Temperature Range: 5°C to 50°C
Temperature Coefficient: (5°C to 24°C and 26°C to 50°C) ±.005% of reading per °C
Conversion Rate: ~ 3 per second (12 readings per sec. available)
Compliance Voltage: 7.5 VDC nominal at 10A resistive, 20 VDC nominal while charging inductor