Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer

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Rent Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer
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Vanguard LTCA-40
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LTCA-40 Datasheet
The LTCA-40 is Vanguard’s winding resistance meter and load tap changer contact analyzer. The LTCA-40 is designed to accurately measure the winding resistance of highly inductive power transformers. The unit’s triple resistance reading input channels can measure three winding resistances simultaneously. Two-wire (Kelvin) connections provide high accuracy and require no lead compensation. A special feature of this device is its ability to measure and graph the resistance trace of a transformer LTC or voltage regulator contact during operation. One resistance input channel is dedicated to this feature. The LTCA- 40 provides stable resistance readings of very large transformers by utilizing a 60 Vdc power supply capable of outputting a test current up to 40 Amperes.
Vanguard LTCA-40 Features
  • Auto discharge circuit for operator safety
  • 3 resistance reading channels including one dynamic channel
  • Digital resistance reading from 1 micro-ohm to 500 ohms
  • Calculate equivalent resistance value at reference temperature
  • Stores 50 static records and 20 dynamic records
  • Built-in 4.5-inch thermal printer