Velonex 510/V2269 Surge Transient Generator

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Velonex 510/V2269 Surge Transient Generator
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Velonex 510 w/V2269
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The Velonex 510 is an easy-to-operate completely solid-state and fully shielded instrument, providing bursts of sine waves. This unit is completely protected against damage by a momentary and sustained external short. It is fully shielded to prevent extraneous burst signals from feeding into any external equipment and solid-state design eliminates jitter and erratic performance.
Velonex 510 w/V2269 Features
  • Output Isolation: Provided on the inner conductors of two type UG-931 high-voltage connectors. Output may be directly applied to any power line voltage up to 500 Vrms
  • Shielding: Transient burst signal generator is fully-shielded to prevent unwanted radiation or conduction of signal
  • Monitor Output: A low-level 1000:1 attenuated output referenced to ground is provided for scope monitoring
  • Trigger Output: A front panel scope trigger output signal is provided
  • High Voltage: Two push buttons (located on opposite sides of the instrument) must be simultaneously pushed in order to obtain high-voltage output
  • Input Voltage: 115V ±10%, 60 Hz
  • Input Power: 80W
  • Output Voltage: (Open Circuit; crest of 1st Half Cycle Peak) Variable by front panel control from 1.5kV (<300V with a more rapid envelope decay) to 2.5kV
  • Source Impedance: Selectable 100 ohms, 150 ohms, 300 ohms, 600 ohms, 1200 ohms
  • Test Burst Rep Rate: Manual one-shot, plus continuously variable from <20 bursts per second to >120 bursts per second, plus 50 or 60 Hz synchronized with power line, plus 100 or 120 Hz synchronized with power line. Phase or burst is adjustable through >320° with respect to power line frequency
  • Test Duration: Continuously adjustable from <2 seconds to >10 seconds
Velonex 510 w/V2269 Specs
Maximum Current 10 Arms per phase
Number of AC Lines Any number up to and including four
Maximum Voltage 700 Vrms between input lines and case
Isolation Inductance ≥370µH <5mH in each line
Coupling Capacitance 0.1µF ±10% from surge-transient generator input to each line
Electrical Connections (Power Line-In & EUT) Barrier strips with lugs for connection between power in and DUT (or EUT) are provided on rear of instruments. Two cables are supplied to interconnect to Velonex 510 Surge Transient Generator