Velonex V2980 Surge Coupler/Isolation Network

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Velonex V2980 Surge Coupler/Isolation Network
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Velonex V2980 Surge Coupler/Isolation Network Velonex V2980 Surge Coupler/Isolation Network
Velonex V2980
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V2980 Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Velonex V2980 single-phase isolation unit allows surge testing of devices or equipment connected to active single-phase power lines up to 277V RMS and 25A (30A intermittent). The isolation unit will protect the power line from undesirable back surges without loading the surge generator output and will attenuate the AC voltage being fed back into the generator. The V-2980 is used in conjunction with the Model 587 Voltage and Current Surge Generator to form a complete surge testing system.
Velonex V2980 Specs
Surge Voltage Up to 6kV of isolation and attenuation from a "6kV, 100kHz" oscillatory waveform or a "6kV, 1.2 x 50µs" exponential continuous voltage wave
Surge Current Up to 3kA peak current isolation and attenuation for the "3kA, 8 x 20µs" exponential short circuit current wave
Polarity Selector positive or negative surge injection is front panel switch select able or bit programmable
Injection Mode Selector One normal and three common injection modes are switch selectable or bit programmable
AC Line Voltage Maximum line voltage to load, 277V RMS, 50/60 Hz
AC Line Current Maximum continuous current to load 25A RMS, maximum intermittent loading of 30A
Approx. Weight 95 lbs.