Velonex V-3113 Fast Transient Generator

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Velonex V-3113 Fast Transient Generator
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Velonex V3113
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Manual V3113 Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Velonex Model V-3113 is a fast transient generator used to test the surge withstand capability (SWC) of protective relays and relay systems. It contains a built-in transient coupler/isolation network allowing the generator's output to be fed to the equipment under test (EUT) while isolating the transients from feeding upstream into the power mains.
Velonex V3113 Specs
Max Peak Voltage 4 kV - 5 kV
Rise Time 10% - 90% ≤10nS
Pulse Width at 90% ≥50 nS
Decay 100% - 50%, 150nS, ±50nS
Repetition Frequency 1 Hz - 100 Hz (l Hz steps)
Output Polarity Positive or negative front panel selectable
Output Current S.C. ≥50A
Timed Output 1 - 99 seconds selectable or continuous output