Velonex V-3113 Fast Transient Generator

Velonex V-3113 Fast Transient Generator
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Velonex V3113
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The Velonex Model V-3113 is a fast transient generator used to test the surge withstand capability (SWC) of protective relays and relay systems. It contains a built-in transient coupler/isolation network allowing the generator's output to be fed to the equipment under test (EUT) while isolating the transients from feeding upstream into the power mains.


Max Peak Voltage 4 kV - 5 kV
Rise Time 10% - 90% ≤10nS
Pulse Width at 90% ≥50 nS
Decay 100% - 50%, 150nS, ±50nS
Repetition Frequency 1 Hz - 100 Hz (l Hz steps)
Output Polarity Positive or negative front panel selectable
Output Current S.C. ≥50A
Timed Output 1 - 99 seconds selectable or continuous output