Velonex V3300 EFT/Burst Generator

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Velonex V-3300 EFT/Burst Generator, High voltage output IEC 801-4 compliant
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Velonex V3300
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V3300 Datasheet
The Velonex V-3300 is an advanced self-contained electrical fast transient burst generator. The V-3300 is designed to be easily operated either manually or in a completely automated test system. The V-3300's accurate output exceeds the requirements of the IEC 801-4 standard and proposed draft changes, so tests performed with a V-3300 insure accurate an repeatable test results.
Velonex V3300 Features
  • High voltage output IEC 801-4 compliant
  • Self-contained unit allows testing to all levels required for power and data line testing
  • Front panel displays show all output characteristics continuously
  • Large displays allow easy viewing even from far distances
  • Built-in 4kW capable power line coupler/decoupler
  • Push button control of power line coupling with the capability to inject multiple power lines simultaneously
  • Commercial standard N-type connector for EFT/Burst output makes easy and inexpensive connection to data line coupler V3334 and other fixtures
  • All front panel displays and controls readable and writable via IEEE 488 bs (standard)
  • Easy mnemonic programming for automated test systems
  • Windows based EMIpro software allows generator verification, standard 801-4 testing and also user defined test sequences