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The ValidatorPro NT1150 builds on the capabilities of the Validator, the ValidatorPro series of Ethernet Network Management Tools offers a complete solution to test copper and fiber Ethernet network cables. The ValidatorPro Ethernet Speed certifier with integrated optical power meter and accompanying Plan-Um cable management software delivers the power to test both copper and fiber cabling, determine if cables can support Gigabit Ethernet, and perform troubleshooting for cable installations. The ValidatorPro performs all tests offered by the Validator, including speed certifying the data-carrying capabilities of copper Ethernet network cables up to 1 Gb/s by testing for noise in the network, detecting faults in the cabling wiring, and ensuring that cables can support the speed capabilities of active equipment.

To certify Ethernet speed performance of cable runs the ValidatorPro conducts bit error rate (BER) tests by sending data packets down specified cable runs a defined data rates to check for errors at the maximum throughput of the link. The ValidatorPro also reports on signal quality that can impact high-speed data transmission by measuring signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Skew measurements provide the signal time delay between pairs that can impact Ethernet data transmission. The ValidatorPro also provides continuity testing that detects opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs, reversals, and high-resistive faults while measuring distance to faults and total cable length.

The Validator Pro includes an integrated optical power meter that measures optical power at 850/1300/1310/1490/1550nm on multimode or singlemode fiber to address an increasing number of Ethernet networks that now include optical links.

The ValidatorPro includes the ValidatorPro, smart remote, 8 wire-mapping remotes, two Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, two universal AC adapter/charger units, USB cable, 8 alligator clip cord sets, two sacrificial cables for RJ45 mod plug, one coupler F-jack to F-jack, USB drive including Plan Um cabling installation and planning software, user guide, firmware, and quick start guide, Deluxe carry case, 100 "speed certified" cable labels and one vehicle charger.