Vibco Vibrators US-900-RD-24 x 24 Vibrating Table

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VIBCO’s test tables result in savings on manufacturing costs, increased product reliability and greater customer confidence by detecting future failures right in your own plant, prior to shipment. Defective electrical components and connections fail under the induced vibration, helping you to quickly identify the problems. This eliminates embarrassing and costly repair and difficult tracing of circuits in the field. The simulation of transportation and handling shocks, on the Vibco test table give the added advantage of showing up the defective solder joints, marginal connections and faulty components.

Forces generated will not, however, effect components of sound integrity../ the vibration also removes potentially harmful residue such as pigtail clippings, solder splashes and other debris lodged in the chassis. Vibco’s test tables are also extensively used in fatigue testing of many, varied electronic and space industry products, including: radios, TVs, military hardware, lights, computers, etc.

Over 40 years of vibration know how enables us to “tailormake” a vibrating table to fit your needs as to size, force, frequency and amplitude. Consult our Engineering department.

Exclusive Vibco design assures full and even vertical vibration in all areas of the table top. This enables the quality control station to utilize the full potential of the available working area. Quality control can now standardize test procedures now that consistency of testing and reliability of results is assured. Vibco’s wide choice of variable frequency and constant frequency equipment gives you the ultimate in low cost product liability testing.
  • US-900
  • US-1600