Victoreen 500 Precision Electrometer

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Victoreen 500 Electrometer Available in SI units
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Victoreen 500
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500 Datasheet
The Victoreen 500 high-precision, MOS-FET, dual polarity electrometer permits the optimum use of many commercially-available ion chambers with coaxial or triaxial terminations. It accepts triaxial BNC and coaxial UHF connectors. PET, MICRO-DOT and TNC adapters are available. The instrument's innovative design permits these chambers to be connected with the chamber bias potential placgd automatically and correctly . . . without potential dangerous shock hazards. In addition, the instrument assures compliance with modern dosimetry protocols requiring precision, polarity reversal and saturation studies. Electron beam dosimetry and other special studies are facilitated through the use of the reversed chamber bias switch, 40% normal bias switch and alternate bias connector. The reverse bias switch allows immediate reversal of the chamber bias which is displayed on the front panel. The 40% normal bias switch facilitates saturation studies and is spring loaded to prevent accidental operation at the lower potential.
Victoreen 500 Features
  • 4 1/2 digit display allows 0.005% full-scale
  • Accepts probes of nearly every design
  • Measures charge and current of either polarity
  • Reversible ion collection potential for electron beam dosimetry
  • Available in SI units
Victoreen 500 Specs
Display 4-1/2 digit LED readout
Precision Within 0 .01 % full scale
Linearity Within 0 .01 % full scale
Accuracy Within 0 .5% full scale for charge (nC) or current (pa) measurements
Circuitry All solid state with MOSFET input operational amplifier
Input Impedance Greater than 1014 ohms
Input Offset Current Less than 3 x 10-15 SSA for relative humidity less than 80%
Amplifier Gain Greater than 105
Decay Time Constant of Integration Capacitor Greater than 2 x 106 seconds .
Rate Response Time: 2.3 seconds for readings 0% to 90% Over-Range: Indicated by flashing display
Zero Adjust Adjusts input offset voltage to ±0.04 mV
Operating Temperature Range 10°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 80% relative humidity (non-volume condensing)
Long-Term Stability Within 0.5% full scale per year
Temperature Stability Within 0.03% per °C
Power Requirements 10 watts, 50 or 60 Hz, 100-130V, 200.260V, selected internally
Input Power Dependence Within 0.02% per 10% power change