Walker MG-10D Microprocessor-Controlled Gaussmeter

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The MG-10D Gaussmeter is a precision electronic instrument that advances Hall effect magnetic measurement technology. Light weight, with easy to use functions and outputs, and a new series of Hall probes, makes it functionally and technically the best gaussmeter in its class.

The MG-10D incorporates Walker's exclusive new Hall probes with standard temperature compensation and linearity correction. An easy-to-use keypad and intelligent menu display makes this gaussmeter a powerful tool for any magnetics lab or production environment.

Advanced design techniques and quality manufacturing technology help assure accurate and stable measurements over a wide variety of ranges and temperatures. With the ability to measure and display in Gauss, Tesla, Oersted and Amps/m, the MG-10D has the power to handle almost any magnetic measuring application.

Key features include high-resolution, high-accuracy and fast response. The bright easy to read vacuum florescent display has four lines of 20 alphanumeric characters, and is readable from any viewing angle. The MG-10D also features a frequency response of DC to 20 kHz, Auto Zero, Auto Range, and Hold functions for Peak Mode and Minimum Mode. Three interface connections are available: USB, IEEE-488 and RS-232, as well as hi/lo alarm relay contacts.