Wandel Goltermann PCG2 PCM Channel Generator

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Wandel Goltermann PCG2 digital-signal generator
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Wandel & Goltermann PCG2
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PCM Channel Generator

Option: T1C Generator
Wandel & Goltermann PCG2 Features
  • Powerful digital-signal generator that can be used with the PCD-2 PCM Channel Decoder or PCD-21 DS-1 Analyzer
  • Used for testing the receive-side of 24 and 48 channel systems
  • Generates DS-1 signals (1544 kbit/s) for T1-NORMAL/EXTD systems to CCITT Rec. G.704
  • In stand-alone mode, has drop & insert and multiplexer facilities
  • Hit-free switch over from through mode to drop and insert mode
  • Variety of test signals and comprehensive event and error simulation
  • HELP function and menu control for ease of operation
  • Frame Structure - Selectable: T1 normal; T1 extended; T1C (3152 kbit/s)
  • General Output:
    Line codes: AMI, B8ZS
    Balanced output: connector compatible with WECO 310
  • Operating Modes:
    NORMAL: PCG-2 as generator with internally generated frame structure
    THROUGH: PCG-2 and PCD-21 or PCD-2 in loop-through mode
    DROP & INSERT: PCG-2 and PCD-21 or PCD-2 in loop-through mode
    MUX: PCG-2 and PCD-21 or PCD-2 in multiplex mode