Wandel & Goltermann DA-360 DominoLAN Internetwork Analyzer

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The DominoPLUS analyzer is a small, portable, network analysis instrument that, when combined with interface modules, a personal computer, and associated software, enables you to simulate and analyze network traffic. If you are currently using a DA-30C analyzer, you can remove the interface module and broadband analyzer module (BAM) from your DA-30C analyzer and insert them into the DominoPLUS analyzer. In this way, you can take advantage of the feature-rich Domino family of WG products. Multiple DominoPLUS analyzers (up to a maximum of eight) can be linked together through a single personal computer to allow the concurrent analysis of multiple network interfaces.


  • The DominoPLUS analyzer can be operated remotely using the DominoServer product. DominoPLUS analyzers configured with certain interface modules can also operate with the DominoREMOTE product. For more information, see the documentation associated with the interface module that you are using
  • Your DominoPLUS analyzer comes with a Domino-to-PC cable (K9123) for connecting the DominoPLUS to a personal computer